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Hand Dryer versus Paper Towel

What’s the best method to dry your hand? The paper towel or hand dryer? This has been a colossal debate for a long time as of now. How about we experience this inquiry in three points of view - cleanliness, price and carbon footprint?

In the first place, study shows that after washing hands with non-alcoholic soap and afterward drying with a warm air dryer, just 9% of microscopic organisms remained, but 20% remained when drying with cloth and 13% with paper. Among these techniques, the dryer is the most sterile way. However, touch free dryer can prospect decrease the opportunity of microorganisms moving to you. Also, study also shows that microscopic organisms are found in unused papers towels, those recycled ones since it make them with blended materials.

Second, with regards to price, individuals believe that paper towels are less expensive than hand dryers at the main look. But that is off-base. Because purchasing a dryer is an onetime expense paper towel requires endless repurchasing process plus the work cost for changing paper when they are out and the upkeep/stocking cost. Suppose that the normal utilization of an open bathroom is 200 individuals for each day, at that point, paper towel will cost $2.4 while fast hand dryer will just cost less than 8 a penny. By using fast hand dryers, you can spare about $850, which implies that the breakeven time for purchasing a hand dryer is inside a year.

At long last, carbon footprint/vitality utilization. Do you realize that to create one ton of paper towel, 3.5 huge amounts of wood are required? Also, the pulping creation may cause a blend of chlorine and different synthetic concoctions which at that point transform into lethal synthetic concoctions. These synthetic substances could cause skin cancer and even influence the resistant system. Besides, paper towels can NOT be recycled. It is one time use. This clarifies why 40% off trash in the US land field contains paper items. Then again, the hand dryer continues improving and is more vitality productive at this point. Conventional dryers use about 2200 watts but fast dryers use a normal of 1300 watts.

From the three points of view, we can see that hand dryer is a triumphant strategy for drying hands. Although individuals in America are used to paper towels, in Europe and Japan, you can observe any paper allocators in restrooms because hand dryer is a greener and more cost effective approach to dry hands. Also, I believe it’s our opportunity to make this change from paper to dryers to benefit our health as well as our mother earth.
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