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Methods of Choosing the Perfect Shower Chair

Going for a shower or perhaps a bath is a regular thing. You can be calm whether you are taking an excellent shower. Accidents happen throughout the bathing period.

That is the reason a lot of individuals feel endangered and uneasy while taking a shower in the bathroom of theirs. The elderly individuals have little command of the body of theirs. Hence, they encounter a bathroom crash.

To stay away from this, you have to get probably the very best shower chairs for elderly and set them up in the bathroom of yours. Follow the guide of ours to make sure you receive the perfect model for the bathroom of yours.


What you should consider when selecting a Shower Chair

Below, we broke down the most crucial elements when comparing shower chairs. Learn what the choice of ours is offering right here.

Weight Capacity

It creates the shower stool of ours to support 250 lbs, while the shower chair of ours and transfer bench can hold as much as 300 lbs each. Always make sure you buy a shower chair which can support the weight of yours to ensure stability.


The backrest of the regular shower chair of ours and transfer bench feature a contoured design for additional comfort. It’s a wonderful advantage for all with restricted balance and back strength. Broad handles make them very easy to have and reposition while the textured plastic material is durable and lightweight.

Seat Design

Most of the shower chairs of ours use a textured plastic substance which helps prevent slipping much when damp. The regular shower chair of ours and transfer bench go a step more with drainage holes which provide water to run through to avoid pooling. This protects the integrity of the textured plastic and also preserves traction. Last, the additional large seat on the transfer bench of ours makes it simple to scoot into the shower with no need to step with the wall of the bathtub.


All 3 of the shower chairs of ours include rust-resistant and durable aluminum legs which remain supporting about time. The height of theirs could be changed with locking brass pins. Find out a lot more about adjusting the shower chair of yours in the FAQ section of ours.


Our shower chairs’ legs are composed of skid-resistant rubber that will keep them from slipping even in probably the wettest factors. The transfer bench of ours goes a step further, to incorporate suction cups on 2 of the legs. These go within the tub for optimum stability.


The conventional shower chair features 2 foam-padded handrails. These help with gripping for uncomplicated transfers into & from the chair. The rails are angled outward to enable a lot more sitting room and improved comfort.

The transfer bench of ours has a single handrail that is intended to be positioned within the bathtub. This allows for balance throughout the shower while leaving sufficient room to glide in as well as from the tub easily.


Most of the shower chairs of ours are not hard to assemble, with a tool-free design that any person can use. This makes setup simple and it is particularly beneficial with the transfer bench of ours, enabling you to overturn probably the backrest and arm rail based on the bathroom layout of yours.

You have to get probably the very best shower chairs for the bathroom of yours to make sure you receive the support you need when taking the shower of yours. It could be challenging to select the perfect model but in case you stick to the guide of ours, you are going to have a simple time selecting the perfect one for the bathroom of yours.

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